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Jewelry Blog: Gemstones
Top Women's Jewelry to Wear at Job Interviews

We're in the midst of college and high school graduation season, which means many graduates are looking to begin a new career and preparing for interviews.  If you are a female new grad, know that while practicing how you answer questions is important, it is also significant to look your best professionally while showing a bit of your personality in a positively memorable way.  Jewelry is one of the best ways to show your personality and complete your interview attire.  

What Types of Jewelry Women Should Wear at Interviews
When referring to jewelry, the rule of thumb is to think conservatively, so choose simple, non-controversial pieces.  However, what jewelry you wear depends on what people wear in your industry (read top 10 jewelry to wear at work).  For example, if you are seeking a nursing job, nurses are not allowed to wear elaborate, big accessories that can interfere with their work, so stick to small stud or hoop earrings and simple necklaces.  If you are seeking a creative job, you can wear something a little bit more elaborate, colorful, and/or artistic without causing distractions.  Avoid off-putting accessories, such as jewelry with political and religious themes and big, noisy, and dangling items. Keep in mind that you want to enhance your look and have your interviewer focus on you instead of your jewelry.

Earrings – Since earrings are the closest piece of jewelry to the focal area - your face - avoid dangling and chandelier earrings which may detract interviewers from listening to what you are saying. Small stud earrings, 6mm width max, and hoop earrings, 1-inch diameter max, are generally safe choices. Find styles that fit within those parameters.

Silver Grey Pearl Studs
Open Knot Studs
Block Diamond Studs

Silver Grey Pearl Studs >
Pearl studs are classic, and grey is a nice neutral color that goes beyond the standard black and white colors.

Open Knot Studs >
You can choose to show your fashion sense and personality by picking a tasteful, fashionable style of studs. These earrings feature an elegant, open knot design.

Block Diamond Studs >
If you want to add a touch of elegance and subtle sparkle to your interview attire, choose these princess cut diamond stud earrings.

Small Gold Round Hoops
Faceted Gold Hoops
Red & White CZ Huggies
Small Gold Round Hoops >
Polished round hoop earrings are always classic, especially at this size. These hoops are graceful and refined.
If you want more style than the classic hoops, these gold hoop earrings with an attractive faceted design make an excellent choice.
You can add color subtly with these huggie earrings. The white and ruby-red CZs complement each other beautifully without giving off an overpowering feel.
Bracelets – Similar to earrings, thinner bracelets work best in interviews.  Consider wearing a single bracelet at most on each wrist. If you wear more than one, especially bangles, you can make a lot of noise.
Yellow Gold Open Link Bracelet
White Gold Circle Link Bracelet
This oval link bracelet has a gorgeous, refined design that complements a professional wardrobe. Plus, it is lightweight and unfussy, which will keep from diverting your attention away from interviewers.
Link bracelets are on trend. Made with decorative circle links, this white gold bracelet fits the fashion trends in an interview setting.
Gold Bangle Bracelet
Yellow CZ Tennis Bracelet
With a classic solid round shape, this 3mm yellow gold round bangle makes a simple yet chic choice to wear at interviews. Remember to only stick to one bangle per arm to avoid making unnecessary sounds.
Tennis bracelets are also timeless. With the combination of refinement and golden yellow color, this bracelet livens up your interview look in sophisticated manner.
Necklaces – While statement necklaces are currently trendy, modest necklaces are still recommended to wear in interviews.  You can still find attractive necklaces that complement your fashion sense in a simpler scale.
Yellow Gold Open Link Bracelet
White Gold Infinity Necklace
Alluring with finesse, this 14K yellow gold Y-necklace is appropriate to wear during interviews without causing much distractions.
Pendants and charms can be another way to show more of your personality. Just remember to choose ones that are small and non-controversial, such as this floating infinity charm necklace.
Swiss Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace
Peridot & Lemon Quartz Pendant Necklace
The color blue has a pleasing effect during interviews. The simplicity of this necklace and stunning Swiss blue color makes an elegant choice to wear at interviews.
The green and yellow colors of the peridot and quartz stones delightfully complement each other in sophisticated way. This silver necklace makes a charming choice for interviewees who want to add color to their attire.

The process of finding a job can be daunting.  You have so many things to prepare and figure out.  One thing that can help with the process is to have your accessories in place, so you have less to worry about on the day of your interview.  Just remember to choose jewelry that is simple, non-provocative, and industry-appropriate as well as shows a glimpse of your personality.


Posted by Connie at 4:53 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Good Luck Charms - What Makes Them Lucky

This Saint Patrick's Day, get the luck of the Irish no matter who you are with time honored good luck charms. From traditional four leaf clovers to lucky horseshoes, popular tokens of good luck make a great jewelry choice for good karma in the new year. Lucky charm jewelry gets its roots in superstitious and religious imagery that people have respected for years, and may even bring you excellent fortune.

Good luck charms come in many different forms, not just the four-leaf clover.  Italian horns, horseshoes, ladybugs, and elephants are also popular symbols that are believed to bring about great fortune, but how did these beliefs come about?

Four Leaf Clover

The rare four-leaf clover, also known as a shamrock, is a natural variation of the common three leaf clover and has been prized for bringing good luck for centuries. The tradition comes from an old Irish rhyme that labels each leaf for the following positive attributes: 1) faith, 2) hope, 3) love, and 4) luck. Shamrocks are a common motif in clothing and jewelry, which make a fun, whimsical, and flirty statement.


Italian Horn Pendant

The delicate and stylish shape of the Italian horn pendant is a popular jewelry choice. This traditional lucky charm has been used for centuries to ward off the negative effects of the evil eye and help keep the wearer safe from harmful intentions. The horn is also a sacred symbol of the moon goddess and brings protection.



Traditionally made from iron, horseshoes are some of the most important transportation technology invented before the automobile. Their iron construction is part of what makes them a popular good luck token since in folklore, iron is believed to ward away evil spirits. The simplicity of the horseshoe design makes them easy to wear as lucky jewelry.



As bright little beetles, ladybugs greatly benefit farmers, which gives them their lucky status.  These insects eat other pests that harm farmland without injuring the plants, so while some cultures consider them auspicious, they also believe that squashing ladybugs can bring ill fortune. Their stunning bright red color and cheerful look makes them a cute and quirky spring jewelry choice.



In Feng Shui, Hinduism, and other beliefs around the world, elephants are considered a symbol of strength, protection, and good luck - more specifically with the trunk up.  On the other hand, elephants with their trunks down are considered bad luck.  The reasons of why they became symbols of luck varies.  One of them stems from the Hindu elephant-headed god, Ganesha, honored as the god of luck.  Furthermore, the trunk up may stem from the US belief that a horseshoe faced upwardly keeps the luck from running out. These proud and protective animals make a bold and powerful fashion statement and bring good fortune and courage to the wearer.

As mentioned in our previous blog on what jewelry to wear during the Year of the Ram 2015, wearing a gold elephant pendant would be auspicious this year.

Click here to see our collection of good luck charms in gold and silver. From horseshoes to Italian horns, these pendants may just be the spark you want to add luck in your life.


Posted by Connie at 6:42 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
What Jewelry to Wear During Chinese New Year 2015

Today is Chinese New Year 2015, Year of the Ram or, more specifically, Wooden Sheep.  While mainly celebrated by those from the Chinese culture, anyone can derive some influences into our accessories whether or not you celebrate this holiday. 

Eastern astrology influences Chinese New Year practices, which involves many aspects to increase prosperity, vitality, and health. Hence, choosing a stunning piece of jewelry to wear for the New Year can do more than just complement your outfits. The Chinese zodiac even has suggestions about your choice of jewelry to help make this year more prosperous. As mentioned previously, 2015 is the Year of the Wooden Sheep, so silver or gold jewelry choices with gemstones, colors, and materials that reflect wood elements and its natural earth and water influences make great symbolic picks to increase your luck.

How can you bring those influences into your wardrobe?  With the foremost focus on the element of wood in the coming year, all shades of green and brown are the best jewelry colors to wear in 2015. Gemstones and natural crystals in bright verdant greens or rich earth tones put you in tune with this year's element and bring lucky vibes your way. Because the element of water is also associated with wood, shades of blue- and black-colored jewelry also make excellent choices to incorporate into your wardrobe this year.

Green Gemstones:
Peridot Jewelry
Green Amethyst Jewelry
Green Amethyst
Emerald Jewelry
Tsavorite / Green Garnet Jewelry
Tsavorite / Green Garnet


Brown Jewelry:
Brown Pearl Jewelry
Yellow Gold Jewelry
Yellow Gold Jewelry
Wood-Design Jewelry
Brown Diamond Studs


Blue and Black Stones:
Sapphire Jewelry
Blue Sapphire Jewelry
Yellow Gold Jewelry
Blue Topaz
Aquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine Jewelry
Ceramic Jewelry
Brown Diamond Studs
Black Rings
Onyx Jewelry


If you're looking to increase your luck and vitality this year or want to keep up with the trends of 2015, wear the colors that represent the Chinese Year of the Wooden Sheep. You can achieve that look by accessorizing yourself with fashionable jewelry including yellow gold, brown, green, blue, and black shades of color.

What traditions will you follow during the Chinese New Year 2015? Let us know in our Facebook page here.

Read also Embrace Marsala, Pantone's Color of the Year 2015, With Jewelry.


Embrace Marsala, Pantone's Color of the Year 2015, With Jewelry - See more at:
Posted by Connie at 2:04 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Beautiful Autumn Citrine

Whether or not you celebrate your birthday in November, the November birthstone, citrine, is a beautiful gemstone to wear in the fall. Ranging in color from pale yellow to a translucent light brown, citrine brings to mind the widely ranging colors of autumn leaves. It’s the perfect gemstone to add to your fall jewelry collection.

yellow gold citrine pendantCitrine is also accepted as the gemstone of choice for 13th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Naturally occurring citrine is pale yellow in color, and much rarer than the more popular heat-treated citrine which has a reddish tint, resulting in the rich dried leaf colors ranging from light red-yellow to reddish-brown. The affordability of this interesting gem means that you can have several pieces in a variety of shades to complement your autumn wardrobe. As an alternative to citrine, yellow topaz is also accepted as a November birthstone, and is more valuable. However, many people prefer citrine due to its range of shades and affordability.

This fall’s layered look means that you can sport a fashionable scarf and coat while still having the option of wearing jewelry underneath. Don’t opt for a minimalistic look indoors after you remove your scarf when you can show off a citrine pendant. Jewelry crafters are coming out with all kinds of exciting new designs in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even watches that showcase the gem’s gorgeous yellow and red hues. A glittering yellow citrine or topaz will look stunning when matched with gold-toned jewelry and popular fall fabrics in browns, reds, and tans. The old, antique look is in this year, which takes advantage of the citrine’s traditional popularity as a pendant.

Jewelers and fashion-lovers alike are celebrating the colors of autumn’s changing leaves with the beautiful shades of citrine and topaz. Citrine’s affordability makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the November birthstone. If you’re looking for a fall birthday gift or want to update your jewelry box for the season, you can’t go wrong with fall’s new jewelry styles in citrine.

Browse GoldenMine's citrine jewelry selections here.

Posted by Dave at 3:27 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
What Makes Pearls Ocean's Treasure

Ever since the discovery of pearls, they are held in the highest regard and treasured for their beauty and value. Almost every civilization has legends and stories that are associated with pearls. However, no one is absolutely sure when they were first worn as jewelry or who started adding these amazing products of nature to their jewelry pieces.Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Although they are extremely rare in nature, pearls can be found in numerous places around the world. Before ways to culture pearls were discovered, shellfish that produced pearls become close to extinction from being over fished. However, culturing pearls also made them more readily available and much more affordable, which increased their popularity even more.

The most popular pearl jewelry contains colored pearls. A pearl that has a vivid, more uncommon color is much more valuable than white pearls because colored pearls are more rare than white pearls, which makes them more expensive. However, another factor that makes them more valuable is the high demand for colored pearls in the jewelry industry.

There is literally no limit as to what color a pearl can be. The body of a pearl can range between any color from white to black and can display overtones of various colors. These subtle overtones are caused by light hitting a crystalline substance close to the pearls surface that acts as a prism.

The most common overtones seen in white pearls include silver, cream, and rose. Black pearls which are one of the most sought after colored pearls will display rose, silver, or peacock tones. It's not uncommon to see overtones of greens, blues and many other colors as well.

Creating pearl jewelry is not a simple task because all of the pearls need to match properly. While pearls of various sizes are often used in a single jewelry piece, they need to match in color and grade. Producing excellent pieces of jewelry requires the manufacturer to pay a lot of close attention to details.

Pearls are similar to diamonds and other gemstones in the fact that larger and higher grade pearls are more valuable. If you are purchasing pearls as an investment, you should purchase the highest quality jewelry items that you can afford. However, if you are buying pearls simply to wear and enjoy, choose more affordable pieces.

Black Pearl and Diamond RingEvery woman should own at least one piece of pearl jewelry, such as pearl earrings or pearl necklaces. The elegant, timeless beauty of pearl necklaces was a favorite for centuries. They were handed down from one generation to another and treasured by women of all ages.

While black pearls make a dramatic statement all on their own, they're especially beautiful when accented with diamonds. The fiery sparkle of diamonds surrounding a black pearl add to the radiance and allure of the piece. Black pearl and diamond rings are jewelry pieces that you'll wear over and over.

Discover why many cherish pearls and shop our collection of pearl jewelry here.

Posted by Connie at 1:00 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
The Magic of Topaz

If you're trying to find the perfect gift, consider giving topaz jewelry, the birthstone for November (yellow topaz) and December (blue topaz). Whether you need a gift for a special occasion or just want to show someone how much they mean to you, topaz is an excellent choice. Topaz comes in a variety of rich colors and matches well with yellow and white gold jewelry. This stunning colored gemstone also comes with many meanings dating back to ancient times that you or may not believe. Topaz encompasses more than just beauty but "magic" as well.

gold pendant with topaz

Topaz's mysterious attributes dates back to B.C. The Egyptians believed that the mighty Sun God Ra gave topaz its golden glow. They associated this gemstone with the Roman God of the Sun, Jupiter. The Greeks trusted the supernatural power of topaz to increase their strength and make someone wearing the gem invisible in times of danger. Topaz was even associated with the planet, Venus.

Topaz has also been claimed to enhance a person's spiritual potential, creativity, and intelligence and to impart wealth and wisdom. Historically, it was believed to bring long life and make someone more beautiful or handsome. It's even been used as a protection from sorcery.

topaz ring

Other mystical attributes of topaz includes dispelling sadness, anger, and fear. Sterile women often used topaz to become fertile, and it was used to increase the appetite and cure blood disorders. Often referred to as the rejuvenation gemstone, topaz has a long history of uses around the world. Legend has it that if you drop a topaz stone into a pot of boiling water you can stick your hand into the water without getting burned. In another legend, Lady Hildegarde presented a topaz to a monastery in her town. It was claimed that the gem emitted a brilliant light at night allowing prayers to be read without the use of a light.

All of these interesting facts and anecdotes made topaz a favorite gemstone since ancient times. Yet, even those that know nothing of its mystical powers, healing attributes, and powers of protection still love this beautiful gem. For centuries many jewelry designers and jewelry-lovers prized topaz, creating exquisite gold bracelets, earrings, and rings with topaz. One of the main reasons topaz is so popular is because of its neutral colors that compliment virtually every skin tone. It's also popular because it comes in such a wide variety of colors such as blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. Topaz is also a relatively hard gemstone, mohs hardness 8, making it wearable to wear from time to time. This gemstone can be found in many different designs both trendy and traditional and makes a wonderful addition to anyone's jewelry collection.

Want to find beautiful topaz jewelry? Check out our topaz jewelry selections here.

Posted by Connie at 1:00 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Black Onyx: The Mysterious Magical Stone

Drama, mystique, darkness...qualities that can describe black onyx jewelry. Generally, this gemstone, black onyx, increases in popularity during this time of the year as the nights become longer and can be worn during autumn and winter. Besides complimenting the darker, jewel-toned colors people tend to wear during this season, some may be drawn to the onyx's apparent properties. black onyx & white topaz gold pendant

One such property is the black onyx's protective powers, enabling wearers to become have a grasp of their own fates. Many people believe that it is one of the most powerful of all the protection stones. It's said to absorb all the negative energy around the wearer and transform it into positive energy. There are many beliefs and myths about black onyx that date back to ancient times.

Onyx jewelry is often worn for its healing powers. Among other medical conditions, it's believed to help with kidney, heart, nerve, and capillary problems. Many claim that it will help relieve stress, improve eyesight and even help you sleep. However, most people wear black onyx jewelry for its sheer beauty and dark, mysterious look. And, for the fact that black matches well with so many other colors.

mens onyx ringThe Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans considered black onyx to be very valuable. Today, however, it is much more common and very popular due to its affordability. Black onyx is used in almost every type of jewelry from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. There are few women that don't own a piece of black onyx jewelry, or hasn't at least had one at one time or another.

Even those who don't believe in the mystical powers of black onyx love the stone for its alluring beauty and class. This gemstone looks great in both men and women's jewelry and compliments other gemstones, such as diamond rings. GoldenMine sells an assortment of onyx jewelry in yellow and white gold. Shop for onyx jewelry here!

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Cubic Zirconia: The Diamond Alternative

Although diamonds are termed as a girl's best friend, cubic zirconia (a.k.a. CZ) can come pretty close. Cubic zirconia jewelry quickly became the most popular diamond jewelry alternative on the market. Gemologists even agree that cubic zirconia comes closer to matching a diamond than any other gem on the market.

cubic zirconia rings

No other synthetic gemstone available today has a more significant impact on the jewelry industry than the cubic zirconia. German scientists first created the stone in a laboratory in the 1930's. At the time, the stone was deemed to have no scientific or economic value, and it was only created in very small amounts.

In the 1970's Russia needed more natural rubies to generate laser beams. Scientists began to search for a synthetic alternative with the same properties of rubies. They filled this need by perfecting the method for creating cubic zirconia and developed the stone we all love today. While they weren't like rubies, they did serve the purpose optically.

At first glance, some experts have a hard time distinguishing between a real diamond and a cubic zirconia. It's only with closer inspection using a bright light and magnifying lens that the differences can be seen. Diamonds contain small flecks of carbon and tend to have a yellowish tint. Being synthetic, cubic zirconia is generally flawless.

There are several other differences in cubic zirconia and diamonds, but the main difference is of course the price. The very affordable price combined with their amazing diamond-like beauty is what made cubic zirconia jewelry so popular. There are few people that don't have at least one piece of cubic zirconia jewelry in their collection.

Today, cubic zirconia comes in a wide variety of colors such as red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, and black - following the latest trend in colored diamonds. However, the clear diamond-like stone is still a top favorite. If you're shopping for jewelry on a conservative budget, cubic zirconia is a perfect choice. The affordability allows you to purchase numerous beautiful pieces for much less than one diamond piece.

black cz jewelryThere's an almost endless amount of sterling silver jewelry that contains cubic zirconia. The lower cost of sterling over other metals and the expensive look of cubic zirconia makes this combination very attractive. A silver CZ heart charm necklace will look just as good as one in white gold and diamonds that costs ten times as much.

If you are planning to get married and are unable to afford thousands of dollars for a diamond wedding ring set, choose a cubic zirconia set instead. There are a lot of gorgeous gold CZ wedding ring sets to choose from, and you can update the stone to a diamond or other precious stone in the future. Plus, they look so real that no one but you and your bride will be able to tell the difference at first glance.

Cubic zirconia is a high quality synthetic stone that can give you a lifetime of enjoyment. They are very durable with a hardness scale of 8.5 to 9.0 compared to a diamonds hardness of 10.0. While CZs are a diamond alternative, they are an ideal way to get the look of a real diamond without the high cost.

Posted by Connie at 2:00 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Feel the Fire and Passion of Rubies

For thousands of years, rubies reigned as the undisputed king in the world of gemstone jewelry. They have a magnificent color that radiates passion and power. Rubies' hardness only ranks second to diamonds. It's considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. And, they are one of the most popular stones for people of all ages.rose gold signature edge ruby eternity band

Rubies are some of the most expensive gemstones and at one time were considered as the most valuable gems known to man. In fact, around 1550, it was reported that a fine one carat ruby was worth eight times as much as a one carat diamond of the same quality. Even today large stones are very rare and comparable with diamonds in value.

Many people believe that they are also the most powerful gemstones in the world. World leaders, royalty, and priests widely use rubies for several reasons. Some believe they give guidance in making wise decisions and help improve the wearers' outcomes in disputes and controversies. Burma warriors believed so strongly in the rubies' powers of protection that they wore them under their skin.

Wearing a ruby ring is said to bring people good health, peace, wisdom, wealth, and true love. Ancient folk lore even credits the ruby with having the power to reconcile lovers' quarrels. A ruby placed underneath a pillow will keep bad dreams away, and it's even believed to increase people's courage to their full potential.

Rubies were featured on celebrities and in movies. Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis favored colorful gems, including rubies, over diamonds. Her 17.68 carat ruby ring sold for $290,000 at an auction. She also had ruby earrings that sold for $360,000 and a cabochon ruby necklace that sold for $247,500. In the Alfred Hitchcock's film, Stage Fright, Marlene Dietrich wore a ruby bracelet that sold at a Sotheby auction for $990,000 and a 27.37 carat Burmese Ruby ring that brought an amazing $4 million.

14K Diamond & Ruby Cluster Earrings

While the finest quality rubies can cost as much as $10,000 per carat, the 15.97 Mogok Ruby sold for almost $225,000 per carat. Thankfully, you don't have to be wealthy to enjoy rubies. There are so many beautiful, affordable ruby jewelry pieces available that anyone can add one of these enchanting gems to their collection.

Ruby is the birthstone for July and it is also used to celebrate the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. But, it certainly doesn't have to be limited to these occasions. A beautiful piece of ruby jewelry is the perfect gift for any anniversary, birthday, or Christmas. And, it's especially perfect as a Valentine's Day gift.

Because rubies are associated with passion and love, they are the perfect gemstone for heart-shaped jewelry. If you want to really show someone how much you love them, give them the gift of a 14k gold heart shaped ruby and diamond pendant. You can even add a pair of ruby and diamond earrings to make a complete set that she'll treasure for years to come.

Check out our ruby jewelry collection at and see why rubies are the gemstones of fire, passion, and love.

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The Symbolic Meaning of Pearls

Pearls are the only gems in the world that are created inside a living organism - bivalve mollusks such as oysters to be exact. They naturally form as result of parasites or foreign substances invading the mollusks internally and using nacre to cover these irritants. (Find more information on how pearls are naturally created here in They are also the onlyPearl Necklace in 14k gem that doesn't have to be cut by a jeweler. From the minute that an oyster opens, a pearl shines with all it's natural beauty. It's no wonder that every culture shares a love for pearls since ancient times.

Pearl jewelry was discovered inside a sarcophagus that held a Persian princess that died in 520 B.C. making them the oldest known gems in the world. During ancient times, some legends said that the strike of a lightning bolt unto the ocean created pearls, and many ancients proclaimed that pearls held magical powers. The Roman mythological goddess of love, Venus (a.k.a. Aphrodite in Greek mythology), wore pearls. In the Dark Ages, people believed that pearls held a protective power against harm, so many knights wore them as they headed into battle.

Every gemstone has a particular symbolic meaning, and pearls are no different. Many cultures linked pearls to the moon. Pearls have been revered as a gift from the Gods and are virtually incorporated into the mythology of every culture. However, the symbolic meanings that pearls hold has differed slightly from one culture to another.

  • The Hindus associated pearls with the moon, and they were considered as symbols of purity and love. Ancient texts reveal that Krishna was the first to discover a pearl which he gave to his daughter on her wedding day.

  • In the Islamic culture, the pearl is held in the highest regard. The Koran, the Islamic sacred text, proclaims the pearl as a symbol of perfection and one of the greatest rewards that can be found in paradise.

  • In Christianity, the pearl was deemed to represent Jesus by St. Augustine. It's so highly revered that even the gates of heaven are adorned with pearls. They represent purity, truth, knowledge, enlightenment, the Immaculate Conception, and spiritual birth.

  • In Tibet, they also believed that pearls relate to spiritual birth, encouraging people to wear pearls to increase fertility.

  • The ancient Indians believed that pearls were the dawn of the Gods that had been turned into dew.

  • Chinese dynasties referred to pearls as the "jewel of the moon."

Silver Pink Button Pearl PendantIn ancient times, pearls were only worn by people of royalty for several reasons. Because they were considered so valuable spiritually, only people of a high class could wear them. They were so symbolic that the gift of a pearl would actually increase a person's status. Also, they were so expensive that it would take most people an entire lifetime to be able to buy pearls.

Some cultures valued the magical properties of pearls so much that they even used them in medicine. Pearls were ground into powders for salves, potions, and balms and used for everything from aphrodisiacs to ancient cures for insanity. Even today they're used as a high quality calcium supplement.

Today, pearls are just as popular as they were in ancient times. They possess a class and style that is more versatile today than ever before. From a classic pearl bangle bracelet to a pearl pendant adorned with diamonds, pearls are a gift that are sure to please any woman. And the magical powers that pearls hold just might bring that special lady some good luck and prosperity!

Posted by Connie at 1:29 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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