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Jewelry Blog: Wedding Rings
Top 5 Men's Wedding Bands This Season

With wedding season fast approaching and since May is Gold Month, we're putting out a list of the top 5 men's gold wedding bands this year. Ideally, you want to find your wedding band at least two months prior to the wedding date. If you need quick inspiration, check out this guide where you'll find rings that have more than the classic look -- from hammered to subtle diamonds.


1) 5.5mm Euro Comfort-Fit Flat Classic Wedding Band - 14K, 18K Yellow Gold

With elements of a plain wedding band, this ring takes a notch up with straight round edges. Men can appreciate its clean lines and flat, contemporary design. Plus, it has a Euro comfort fit to reduce the amount of metal touching your skin. This ring comes in solid 14K-18K yellow and white gold. Made in USA.

2) 6mm Satin Grooved Beveled Wedding Band Ring by Benchmark in 14K Yellow, White, and Rose Gold

Similar to traditional rings, this designer ring by Benchmark has simple, clean lines. Yet, it has polished beveled edges on either side of a satin-finished, flat center that exude a more modern and masculine style. This ring has a comfort fit, so you can wear it more comfortably for extended periods of time. This ring comes in solid 14K yellow, white, and rose gold. Made in USA.

3) 7mm Hammered-Finish Milgrain Men's Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

This ring is for the man who wants a noticeable ring by design instead of with stones. Decorated with a hammered finished on a polished band with milgrain edges, this band has a rugged yet classy design in solid 14K white gold that catches the eye. Similar to the other rings in this list, this one also has a curved inside, creating a comfort fit. Made in USA.

4) 4mm Knife-Edge Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in 14K-18K Yellow Gold by Dora Rings

Sleek and unique radiates from this men's wedding band by Dora Rings. Polished with a bright shine, this sophisticated, modern ring features a knife-edge center and boasts clean lines. This style suits men who want a classy, designer look made with solid, high quality 14K or 18K yellow gold. This ring also has a comfort-fit style, and all Dora Rings jewelry are hypoallergenic.

5) 6mm Brushed Diagonal Round Diamond Wedding Band - 14K White Gold 0.48ctw

For men who want subtle bling, this diamond wedding band makes a superb choice. Round-cut diamond accents in a pave setting shimmer exquisitely in a diagonal row. Crafted with solid 14K white gold, the brushed finish on the outside adds a refined touch to this chic, low-dome ring. Made in USA.

View our entire wedding band collection here.

Posted by Connie at 1:42 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Camo Wedding Rings Just Arrived!

You've found the one you want to be with. They're everything you imagined and more. You're going to marry the love of your life and you want everything to be absolutely perfect. You wouldn't necessarily call yourself "traditional" when it comes to wedding bands, though. You want a style that reflects who you to the core: bold, wild, and free. Camo wedding rings are just what you need!

titanium camo wedding ringFeaturing a variety of camouflage-inlay designs, these camo rings express men and women's interest in the military, outdoors, and/or rugged style. When it comes to a lifetime commitment, you want to say what you're feeling with the picture-perfect wedding band. That's why we offer stylish, alternative wedding bands that are sure to get you noticed. Made with contemporary metals such as tungsten and ceramic, now you can have exactly what you're looking for at affordable prices.

Our 8mm Titanium Desert Fox Camo Wedding Rings are made with durable and strong titanium. We've got an 8mm Titanium Hunter Green Camo Wedding Ring that's going to look great with your entire wardrobe. Our 8mm Black Ceramic Forest Foliage Camo Wedding Rings are just what you need if you're pulled to a more natural look. The fresh foliage on the black band is incredibly distinctive.

black ceramic camo ringWith the 8mm Black Ceramic Commando Camo Wedding Ring, you can have a contemporary ring that's sure to catch everyone's attention. Our 8mm Tungsten Military Green Inlay Camo Wedding Ring with a nicely polished finish has a stylish inlay design ornamented with military green camouflage. We also have a 8mm Black Ceramic Army Green Inlay Camo Wedding Ring with a modern black finish.

Affordable, modern, and stylish, your loved one will be thrilled to receive one of our unique wedding bands. When you buy one of these beautiful wedding bands, you'll also receive a leatherette ring box for free. We also offer laser engraving to add a personal touch to these wedding bands.

Stand out and get noticed in jewelry that's as proud and perfect as the love you share. Get our camouflage wedding bands now and be prepared to show off this special piece to your family and friends for years to come.

Browse our new camo rings here and see why these rings are becoming more and more popular with men and women.

Posted by Connie at 4:00 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Celtic Wedding Bands: An Ancient Tradition

Celtic jewelry is a tradition that began over 2,700 years ago with the Celts. These mysterious people lived in what is modern day Europe. They used interwoven knots and intricate designs to create beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewelry. These same designs were also used to decorate clothing, markings for graves, swords, shields, and often, their bodies.

 8mm Celtic 14K White Gold Wedding BandCeltic artisans used ideas from nature to create sophisticated jewelry pieces made from silver, bronze, and gold. The modern styles of Celtic jewelry are very similar to the ancient designs that played a large role in the everyday lives of the Celts. They had a love and passion for jewelry making that has been passed down over the centuries.

Although Celtic designs are beautiful on their own, much of the attraction lies in the symbolism each design holds. However, because the ancient Celts left very little written history, many of the meanings have simply been handed down through history. For this reason, the true meanings may never be known.

While the Celts created all different types of jewelry, one of the most popular is Celtic rings. Even today, these unique pieces are almost as popular as they were in the days of the Celts. Recently, Celtic wedding rings became a very popular choice for couples that want unique wedding rings that symbolize their spiritual bond.

Celtic Weave 14k Yellow Gold BandOne of the most popular Celtic designs is the Celtic knot, sometimes referred to as the endless knot, or mystic knot. Celtic knots started appearing just after 450 A.D. and their exact meanings are vague. However, since there is no beginning and no ending, they can represent an uninterrupted life cycle.

Any knot design that has no visible beginning or ending can be called an eternity knot. Likewise, any knot design can be referred to as a lover's knot, but most commonly these knots are designs where two separate paths are linked together. During the later part of the medieval period, heart knots were introduced into the Celtic designs.

In ancient times, gifts that were adorned with Celtic knots were given to enhance longevity and good luck. They are often used as a charm to ward off sickness and ensure a stable and calm life. Whether or not these designs actually hold any magical powers lies in the heart of the wearer. Yet, you certainly don't have to believe to cherish Celtic jewelry.

Check out our stock of Celtic rings here and own one of these beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry today.

Posted by Connie at 1:00 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
June, the Popular Month for Weddings...But why?

June marks a time to celebrate many occasions - graduations, Father's Day, summers, end-of-school, AND weddings. With so much going on, why is this month a popular month for weddings? Many reasons can explain for its appeal, which even date back to ancient times.

white gold diamond matching wedding bands

For many years, even centuries, June reigns as one of the most popular months for weddings. In Ancient Rome, June weddings can be attributed to the month being named after and dedicated to the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. However, the month's popularity also has a practical side relating to harvest time. A woman who got married in June and conceived right away would still be able to help with the fall harvesting. The baby would be born early enough in the spring that she could help with the next year's harvest. The association of weddings to harvest time is evident in many places of the world.

While harvest time may no longer be the main reason for choosing to get married in June in the U.S., there are still many practical reasons as to why many couples get married in June. For instance, as the season shifts from spring to summer, the spring rains taper off while the weather becomes more sunny and beautiful. Another big reason for getting married in June is that a lot of the most popular wedding flowers, such as roses, peonies, and bells of Ireland, are in full bloom. Many couples may also choose June for sentimental reasons. A lot of people get engaged in June, and often, weddings are planned for one year from the month of the engagement. Also, for couples who met and fell in love in college, June is the perfect month to get married since it falls after school gets out. June has many attractive qualities for weddings.

The wedding rings are perhaps one of the most important details of a wedding. Everything else is held in memories and photos, but the rings are worn on a daily basis for the rest of your life. You choice of rings are something you have to be completely happy with. Choosing the perfect wedding rings can be a hard decision that takes months of shopping and should be done at least a month in advance.

Because it can be so difficult to find a wedding band that matches an engagement ring, many brides are choosing wedding ring sets. Wedding ring sets are specifically designed to fit together and often look like one large ring instead of two. Another great ring set that couples select to symbolize their unity are matching his and her wedding band sets where the female ring is often a slimmer version of the male ring. These bands may also have one half of a heart so when they are put together, they become one heart. Having wedding ring sets makes buying rings easier for engaged couples.

For most brides, the wedding month may not be nearly as important as the wedding itself. Most girls dream of growing up, meeting the perfect companion, and having a dream wedding. Whether you choose to get married in June or another month, it's the dress, wedding rings, family, and friends that make the day really memorable.

Getting married soon? Check out a selection of beautiful wedding ring and wedding band sets here.

Posted by Connie at 7:30 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Tips For Selecting The Perfect Wedding Rings
Your wedding rings are the most important pieces of jewelry that you will ever purchase. They symbolize a circle of love between two people and the start of a whole new life filled with hopes and dreams for the future. And, because they're generally worn on a daily basis, the design of the bands that you choose is crucial.

Before you even start to shop for wedding rings, determine a budget. In fact, you should decide how much you want to spend on the rings before you decide how much you want to spend on the wedding. If you're going to need to cut corners, it's better to find a cheaper florist than to settle for rings that you might not be happy with years down the road.

The most important factor in choosing the perfect wedding rings is to choose designs that match your personal styles. A really elaborate ring might be the center of attention on your wedding day, but will it blend well with your daily style? Elaborate rings will add a finishing touch to a tux and wedding dress, but it might not blend in with casual clothes worn every day.

A lot of couples prefer to have matching bands and there are numerous beautiful wedding band sets to choose from. However, there isn't a rule that says your wedding bands have to match, it's a personal choice. Often, men prefer to have a simple band, while women want something that stands out and displays a more personal style.

Today, wedding bands have evolved beyond being a simple band. There are so many unique styles to choose from that it can be intimidating. Make sure that you both openly discuss the styles that you want. Never choose a ring just because it's the design your partner wants. You'll be wearing the ring for years to come, and it's vital that you're completely happy with your choice.

Diamond wedding rings have always been the most popular wedding rings, but don't limit yourself to only shopping for diamond rings. You can simply choose to have rings with each others' birthstones, or choose from numerous other gems. You can even choose gemstones that represent a special meaning to make the rings even more symbolic of your love.

Rubies are a representation of the love and passion between two people. Emeralds can be a symbol of the commitment you've made to your spouse and the loyalty that you've pledged to that special person. And, sapphires represent the trust you've instilled in that special person and the faithfulness that you've devoted to them.

Although some experts recommend that you choose a wedding ring that will match your wedding dress, it's more important that the band matches your engagement ring. After all, a wedding dress is worn for one day, but your wedding ring will be worn for the rest of your life. The rings don't have to match perfectly, but they do need to complement each other.

Posted by Connie at 12:28 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Bridal Jewelry Traditions Around the World
While diamond wedding rings tend to take stage in the United States and across the world, there are a few notable exceptions both in style and symbolism.

The first appearance of wedding rings has an arguable start. Some claim the Egyptians began giving wedding rings; another claim states that wedding rings were not common until the 11th century. Whatever the time frame, wedding rings have become a symbol of commitment to marriage throughout many cultures.

Although a plain gold band continues to be the most popular type of wedding ring throughout the world, there are a few variations. ASD In France and many French speaking countries, it is common for the wedding ring to consist of three interwoven rings symbolizing love, hope, and faith. These rings are commonly made of three different colors of gold; yellow, white, and rose gold. In Greece and Italy, it is common for men to receive a type of puzzle ring made of gold to wear as a wedding band. The idea here is that they must prove their commitment by solving the puzzle and prove their faithfulness by wearing the ring constantly so as not to dislodge the puzzle.

The world over, women's wedding rings most commonly contain diamonds as a sign of indestructible love, however other gem stones have also had a stay. In medieval Europe, the ruby was commonly used because they were red, like a heart. Sapphires were also used to symbolize the heavens, from which love came. Posey rings became popular in France in the 17th century.

These rings were inscribed with poems and love verses either inside or outside to declare adoration. Engraved wedding bands remain a very popular choice today. Wedding rings containing aquamarine represent marital harmony, where as pearl engagement rings were considered bad luck because the shape of the pearl was similar to that of a tear. In Victorian England, snake rings complete with ruby eyes were popular wedding bands because the coil winding around the finger symbolized eternity.

In renaissance Italy, silver betrothal rings became popular. These were highly ornate rings that were usually engraved and filled with black enamel so the pattern would contrast with the metal. Later, when gold became the popular metal of choice, the Italian silver betrothal ring was given first to be followed by a duplicate ring made of gold given at the wedding itself. This is most likely how the idea of separate engagement and wedding rings came into play, a tradition that continues today.

Tradition states that wedding rings are to be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (including the thumb) because it was thought that that particular finger contained a vein which leads directly to the heart. This is not traditional throughout the world however, as is the case in Norway and Russia where the wedding ring is to be worn on the same finger of the right hand. Wearing two rings, the engagement ring and the wedding ring, on the ring finger has become the norm in North America. The engagement ring in this case usually holds the diamond which is given as a symbol of love and a promise from the man to the woman to take care of her. In Sweden, the bride wears three rings after her wedding; an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and a ring for motherhood, a promise to bring forth a family.

Christian Wedding RingMost Christian weddings include an exchange of rings with the exception of the Quakers who may or may not exchange rings during or after the ceremonial Meeting. Quakers do not consider the traditions of wedding rings to be as much of a necessity as do other denominations. Early on, the Protestant Puritans claimed that wedding rings were a pagan ritual and were not to be used. Further, they were enraged with the Catholic claim that Mary and Joseph wore wedding rings made from onyx or amethyst.

Most religions throughout the world now consider the exchange of wedding rings to be a powerful and romantic symbol in a marriage ceremony. As a matter of fact, Irish folklore indicates that it is bad luck to be wed without a gold ring, even to the extent of considering the marriage illegal without one. Whatever the stone or metal choice, the exchange of wedding rings symbolizes the same ideal the world over; unending love and commitment.
Posted by Kim G at 3:28 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Symbolic Gems for Anniversaries
Throughout time, different gemstones have come to represent different meanings. Some are said to ward off evil, bring luck to the wearer, and even protect against intoxication. Some gems are fabled to be favorites of royalty, pirates, or sailors due to their mystical properties. Somewhere along the line, specific gemstones have been chosen for their special meanings to represent the traditional gifts given on specific wedding anniversaries.

The most commonly known milestone anniversaries are the 25th (silver) and the 50th (gold). What many overlook is the numerous gemstone anniversaries; the first of which is the 14th anniversary -- the agate. While many argue that an agate is a rock, it is indeed a gemstone; in fact it is the Minnesota state gemstone. Synthetic Emerald Fashion Silver Ring Ranging in color from browns, reds, and grays, the agate is known for its bands with an eye in the middle; similar to tree rings. Agates can be made into display pieces or fashioned into jewelry and is said to symbolize watchfulness and protection due to the eye in the center. Another lesser known gemstone is given for the 16th anniversary. The peridot is bright olive green in color and is fabled to be the favorite gem of pirates. Geographically, peridot can be found wherever there are volcanoes. This makes them a wonderful symbol for a marriage that has survived trials of the first years together and has come thus far sparkling. Aquamarine is the traditional gift for the 19th anniversary. The gemstone of sailors and mermaids, the word 'aquamarine' literally means 'sea water'. For this anniversary, the gem represents the sea into which the mermaid has called the sailor to remain with her for all time. Amethyst Gemstone Ring

We then skip eleven years and find ourselves at a milestone anniversary, the 30th, for which the traditional gift is pearl. The symbolism of pearls is highly overlooked when given as gifts. Often given to young brides, the pearl is actually the ideal gift for an established marriage because it is one of the very few gemstones that are not 'stones' at all. Grown rather than mined, the pearl forms slowly and its true beauty is only revealed when sought out from deep within the water. This gem is the perfect symbol for the depth of love and understanding that a couple can only reach after a significant amount of time together.

Other milestone anniversaries include the 40th (ruby) and the 45th (sapphire). Actually formed from the same mineral corundum, rubies are the traditional color of love and sapphires the color of serenity.  Turquoise is given for the 55th anniversary and is a reminder of an oasis that is couple-hood. Turquoise can only be found in the desert, and only then near water. It is this natural state that reminds the couple of the sanctuary that can be found within their love.

A couple reaching their 60th anniversary is revered for their commitment to grow old together. The gem symbolizing this growth is the emerald; an everlasting emblem of renewal. Known for its deep green color, the gem can be found in almost every region in the world and is a reminder of the beauty of nature and growth of the most basic level that is life on this planet. No matter the trials and tribulations, nature continues to reinvent itself -- as does the couple reaching 60 years together.  The most powerful gemstone symbol of endurance and strength is, of course, the diamond.  Representing the 65th and the 75th wedding anniversaries, the diamond is the gem by which all others are measured.  No natural substance on the face of the earth can compare to the strength and brilliance of the diamond. A sign of beautiful transformation over time, the diamond represents the aged married couple in a way that is unsurpassable and leads to the affirmation of the quote: "Is there anything more beautiful than young love? Yes; old love."  When searching for anniversary gifts, seek out the possibilities that lie within giving a traditional gem. The thought you've put into giving a gift that is symbolic of your love and life together with be treasured always.
Posted by Kim G at 12:27 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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