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Jewelry Blog: Gold
Our Gold Chain Jewelry Comes From...

We’ve gotten a couple of questions on where our gold chain necklaces and bracelets come from, so we'd like to take this opportunity to answer those questions.  Most of our gold necklaces are made in the USA from imported gold, and the other place is Italy.  In the past, gold chains were notably from Italy.  Italian-made necklaces were a sign of prestige and quality because the designers created jewelry with the utmost craftsmanship.  Some Italian designers went to the US and brought their expertise to the states.  Due to regulations, duties and taxes are applied to gold jewelry made in Italy, making them more expensive.  Our US suppliers use similar machines, techniques, and designs, so their gold chain jewelry are comparable to Italy’s yet cheaper.  The quality of USA-crafted gold links is similar to Italy’s quality.

Without the associated fees in shipping or the tariffs and taxes involved in imported jewelry, you get the best price without sacrificing style.  These gold necklaces and bracelets are constructed and manufactured in the US using imported gold with ultimate care and the highest of standards, ensuring durable jewelry that will serve you for years. Customer support is easy to deal with because the necklace manufacturer is located here in the US as opposed to overseas. When you want the ultimate alternative to Italian gold links without the expensive price tag and excessive tariffs, choose our gold chains.

If you have any questions about our gold chains, give our customer service department a call during business hours or email. As a family-owned company based in Los Angeles, we are happy to offer our customers gold chain jewelry crafted in the United States.

Browse our gold chain necklaces from the US here.

Posted by Connie at 10:43 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Summer Jewelry Splurges 2015

Summer is finally here -- Now is the time to put on your summer gear, relax, and pamper yourself! Get a mani-pedi, suntan on the beach, or a ride out on a boat. All the while wearing your best summer gear under the hot golden sun. Flirty dresses, slide sandals, and chic bikinis for women and v-neck shirts, board shorts, and comfy flip flops for guys or whatever they may be. With fashion moving towards simplicity this carefree season, indulge in jewelry that reflects this mood with a bit of style, design, and/or pop of color that complement the sunshine and bronzed skin.

Summer Splurges

Yellow Gold Open Link Bracelet
14K Rose Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain Necklace 7mm
Appearing light and airy, these dangling earrings have elegant, swirling lines reminiscent of a flame. They also have a CZ for a hint of sparkle..
With a warm rose hue, this rose gold necklace with tight Cuban links has a sleek shine, especially under the sun, and attractively stands out during at summer night parties.
Long Filigree Tassel Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold 87mm
Men's 8mm 14K Yellow Gold Mariner Chain Bracelet
Tassels are still hot this season, and these gold earrings are no exception. Made with an alluring yellow gold and delicate design, they'll shimmer and sway beautifully under the sun.
With a nautical theme, this yellow gold mariner link bracelet is a hot beach jewelry accessory. If you want to have a minimalist look, this 8mm bracelet adds a handsome panache without needing any other jewelry.
Sterling Silver Pear Cabochon Genuine Milky Aquamarine Necklace with Sapphire Accent   7mm Tri-Color Waving Rope Braid 14K Gold Dora Wedding Band
Aquamarine's blue-green color resembles the tropical ocean, so this necklace makes a stylish beach jewelry. Plus, this color looks gorgeous against sun-kissed skin Pantone's Color of the year 2015.
This ring's European beauty and craftsmanship definitely shines, Its tri color gold rope design modestly waving around the band suits this season's carefree lifestyle.
Figaroesque 12mm Women's 14K Yellow Gold Link Necklace   Figaroesque 12mm Women's 14K Yellow Gold Link Necklace
This yellow gold necklace has simple yet striking lines that resemble a Figaro chain. It gorgeously accentuates the decolletage without overwhelming the area.
Carbon fiber has an artistic yet masculine look, and these cuff links are no exception. Their light and dark checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of playing checkers at the park, adds a touch of summery style to business suits.


Posted by Connie at 2:50 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
You Gotta Have These Chains

Chain necklaces continue to be the staple in men's jewelry. They can make any guy from looking drab and boring to cool, stylish, and elite. Just like these chains below. Here are this summer's top men's chains that you gotta have!

Men’s 14K White Gold Concave Curb Chain 7mm >
Curb chains are one of our most popular style of men's necklaces. With sleek, polished lines, this 7mm white gold chain definitely stands out and makes a fine fashion statement. This price offers an outstanding value for the man who wants to splurge at the best price. Men’s 14K White Gold Concave Curb Chain 7mm
14K Yellow Gold Concave Curb Chain 4mm >
Here's another type of curb chain with pave etchings in the center, creating hint of shimmer under the light. Even at 3mm, you can still get noticed with this 14K yellow gold chain. 14K Yellow Gold Concave Curb Chain 4mm
4mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace >
The beauty of a diamond-cut rope chain is that it looks fabulous from casual to sophisticated attire, and this one makes no exceptions. This particular gold chain is one of our top-selling necklaces for both men and women. 4mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace
4mm Milano 14K Two Tone Gold Rope Chain >
For a more elegant chain, choose this Milano style rope necklace. Open links attached along a gold cord adds a fine twist to the classic design. This particular chain's craftsmanship and intricate two tone details are absolutely stunning and eye-catching for both day and night. Definitely a must-have jewelry item for men to own. 4mm Milano 14K Two Tone Gold Rope Chain


Which one is your #gottahavechains?

PLUS SAVE UP TO $100 on these or any other chain necklaces with orders over $300 with promo code, SMRCHAIN, now through Labor Day, September 1. Terms & conditions apply.


Posted by Dave at 9:50 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
2013 Summer Fashion Trends in Jewelry

Summer is in full swing, and I bet you’re loving wearing flip-flops, sunglasses, and sundresses. However, you simply cannot look sensational with your new tan without having the proper jewelry to set it all off. There are numerous pieces that are popular continue to read below for some of the top jewelry trends for summer 2013.

rose gold earrings

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

Colored Gold - Gold is happening this season as well, not just yellow gold jewelry however. Colored gold is all the rage with rose looking gorgeous against any type of skin tone. This is a huge trend for dressing casual but classy for all of those summer weddings you will be attending.

Retro Fashion - Deco Delight is a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation. This style with precious and semi-precious metals harken back to a long gone era but with a modern flair. From dangling earrings with pearls to angular black bangles laced with diamonds, this trend is sure to be a hit this summer. And it’s the last season of the AMC’s TV hit, Mad Men, that sparked the retro fashion trend.  Go for this retro jewelry look that can't be beat.

Pastels & Neon - Neon and pastels are in big time this summer season. Neon jewelry such as neon drusy necklaces will add a splash of color to your summer wardrobe and stand out against your marvelous tan.

chunky & bold ringWrap bracelets - Wrap bracelets offer you a way to combine pieces with different textures for a look that is all your own. Pair a colorful wrap bracelet with a delicate friendship bracelet or a watch with an oversized face. It is the perfect way to add style and depth to your ensemble this summer.

Chunky & Bold - Funky, fun, and fashionable jewelry is always in style but never more than this season. These fashions really let you show off your own unique style. Don’t be afraid to show off this chunky jewelry with some thick silver chains, rings with big gemstones, and gold chunky-style bracelets.

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

Summer is a time to have fun, spend the days at the beach, and the night partying with your friends. Whether you are relaxing by the pool or having an elegant dinner with your friends, these jewelry trends are the best on the market for summer fashion in 2013.

Posted by Connie at 11:05 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Our Gold Chain Prices Drop Again
June is coming to a close.  As you may have noticed, the gold price in the stock market has plummeted this month.  At the beginning of the year, the gold price was close to $1700 per ounce, and now, the price is over $1200 per ounce.  This change led us to lower all of our prices on gold chain necklaces and bracelets!

gold chain price drop at We announced that we dropped prices on our 18k chains in our blog last month.  This time, we dropped those prices again as well as all of our gold chains.  Soon, we will be making more dropped price announcements on other jewelry items, so stay tuned.

Prices starting at $49.95.  Check out our new prices at here.
Posted by Dave at 5:55 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Gold Chains Not Just for Men But Women Too

As you look around, do you notice more and more women wearing chains and bracelets that are made of gold or gold-esque without pendants?  Mainly, men wear these necklaces, and yet, these beautiful pieces of jewelry are quickly becoming popular with women and even celebrities - from film star Jennifer Aniston and pop star Rihanna.  Jennifer Aniston wearing gold chains by, CC by 2.0 licenseGold is a classic metal that holds its value better than most.  Many people think they cannot afford this type of jewelry because it is so expensive.  But if you shop smart, you can easily accessorize your outfit with beautiful chains that doesn’t stretch your budget.

Why Chains?

People strive to look their best, no matter their fashion styles, even during a down economy.  Chain necklaces, especially chunky, metallic chains, worn without pendants appear elegant, strong, and luxurious, so these qualities draw more and more women to these accessories. 

Benefits Of Gold Jewelry

It is no coincidence that gold has always been a popular type of metal to use for jewelry.  It has been used for jewelry for several centuries and still retains its popularity.  Listed below are just a few reasons why gold is still so popular.

  • It is available in two different colors.  You can opt for regular gold, which is the yellow color, or have your gold treated to a white gold that looks like silver but is as valuable as gold jewelry.
  • Gold retains its value better than most metals over time.
  • Simply put, it’s a beautiful metal, and most women love to sparkle.
  • It can be melted down and reused into a newer piece of jewelry.

gold chain necklace for womenThese are only a few of the reasons that you may have noticed that more and more women wearing chains and bracelets of gold. 

Buying Gold On A Budget

While buying gold jewelry may feel impossible when you are on a budget, there are a few ways to find affordable gold that is just as beautiful as the most expensive pieces.  For instance, shopping online may help you to save money.  You may also choose to have an old piece of gold melted down and made into something new.  This is a great way to utilize the gold you already have into something more fashionable and modern.

When you see women wearing gold chains that catch your eye, don’t give up on owning a few pieces yourself because you can’t afford it.  With a little extra effort, even the tightest budget can include a few pieces of beautiful gold jewelry.

First photo was taken by Christina Dickson and complies with CC by 2.0 license.
Posted by Connie at 5:21 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Yellow Gold Jewelry Making A Comeback

There are certain things that will never go out of style, and gold is one of them.  While gold retains its value, the colors that gold comes in may change in popularity.  Gold comes in a variety of colors -- yellow, white, rose, and green.  Over the last decade or so, white gold has become increasingly popular and used much more often than yellow gold.  However, recently, it has become more common to see pieces of jewelry made of yellow gold being worn regularly. 

Yellow Gold EarringsYellow Gold Is Classically Beautiful

While white gold is just as valuable as yellow gold, there is a certain traditional level of beauty that is noticed in pieces of yellow gold jewelry.  This type of jewelry has been worn for centuries, and has always been associated with elegance and grace.  The classically beautiful nature of yellow gold has not faded, even as the popularity has switched to the lighter version of gold, or white gold.

Easier To Maintain

There is a specific process used to turn yellow gold into white gold.  It is a fairly simple process, but it does need to be redone regularly.  If you own a piece of white gold jewelry, you may notice that every few months or so the yellow will begin to shine through.  This is when your piece needs to be refinished.  Yellow gold will simply need to be cleaned every few months, saving you time and money.  Many consumers realized after they had purchased white gold pieces, maintaining yellow gold was a much simpler process.Two Tone Gold Wedding Bands

You Can Have It Both Ways

One of the biggest benefits of having two different colors of gold is the option you have for a two-tone piece of jewelry.  You can combine the classic beauty of yellow gold with the contemporary value of white gold into the same piece.  Many wedding rings are made into two-tone pieces of jewelry and allow you to take advantage of both beautiful types of gold.

You can never go wrong wearing gold jewelry.  These pieces are beautiful, making you feel elegant, and retain their value over time.


Have any comments or questions?  Please share in our Facebook page!

Posted by Dave at 3:19 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Men's Gold Chains - Gorgeous Gifts
Many women often spend ages thinking about what would be the ideal gift for a man. The kind of gift you choose often defines the nature of your relationship with the person and also hints at what you're looking to have in the future. Keeping this in mind, buying someone men's gold chains really says a lot about not only the fact that you consider the man an investment and see a potential future with him but also about your sense of style and taste.

mens gold chains

Gold has always been one of the most coveted metals as it was found naturally in the shape of nuggets and used then as currency, jewelry, and a power and status symbol. Ancient Egyptians used gold, which was abundantly available in their land, for these purposes along with using it as means of decoration in their living chambers and tombs. Gold has always represented status and power for people, which is why no matter what one prefers, buying men's gold chains is always a great option.

While you're buying any kind of jewelry in gold, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind before you make any purchase decisions. You must, first and foremost, check whether the jewelry you want is certified by a standardization authority as any piece of jewelry that has these certifications, is tested and marked as trustworthy in terms of both, quality and price. Also, make sure that you conduct enough market research on the price of gold and its market value in order to discern whether the price you're paying is higher than what you should be paying.

There are various places where one can buy men's gold chains, both, in areas around you and online. When you're purchasing any form of jewelry online, however, it's good to ensure that the website you're on is a trustworthy website. If the website harasses you with constant pop-ups or asks you for too much personal information that may seem irrelevant, the chances are that the website is not as reliable as you may think.

Depending on the length, amount and quality of gold, color and style, men’s gold chains can be classified into a few broad categories. While all of these styles are popular, your individual taste will eventually decide which one is ideal for you or your loved one. Among the most popular ones are the Italian inspired Figaro and Milano chains. Figaro chains have a characteristic two or three circular links alternated with one oval link. On the other hand Milano is rope style and interlocks with smaller chains. Other popular kinds include the flat linked Curb chains, the braided Wheat chains, the thick Cuban chains and the intricate Byzantine chains.
Posted by Connie at 11:00 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Shopping for a Gold Chain
Gold has been considered one of the most precious metals found on earth since the beginning of time. Treasured and precious, gold ornaments are being made and worn by men as well as women for centuries now. In the earlier days, only the affluent and the royals donned gold, but things slowly changed. More and more people could afford gold jewelry and ornaments. Today most of us own a gold chain, a pair of gold earrings, a gold bracelet, or at least a gold ring. And why not? Gold has become so easily accessible to all. Not only can you find gold jewelry at retail jewelry stores in your city or neighborhood but can also simply log onto to the Internet and find many online dealers and wholesalers that sell high quality gold jewelry at fantastic prices.

Shopping may be fun and something to look forward to for some, but for many, the thought of going from one shop to the other looking for a particular gold ornament or design in jewelry can be pretty tiring and a drag. Plus, every shop has a fixed amount of designs and pieces, so if you even want to shortlist a few that you like, by the time you are looking at items in another stores you are likely to forget the exact designs of the ones you have kept aside in the previous store. This is why unless you find the perfect gold item you desire, you may come off feeling unfulfilled from the experience.

On the other hand, if you decide to shop online like many people are doing nowadays, the chances of finding exactly what you want are a lot more. Why? Well, there is an endless selection of items online as most reputable jewelry companies, gold jewelry dealers, and gold chain wholesalers have their official websites online, which sell a number of products including chains, earrings, bracelets, etc., you can compare prices and products by opening multiple tabs and make shopping easy and fun. You can also shortlist a few items and email links or pictures to your friends or family for opinions before you decide to buy the item.

We live in a world where time is money. We are always busy with work and home, and sometimes shopping for jewelry like a gold chain can take a back seat in the priority list. But if you decide to shop online, you don’t have to worry about shop timings and proximity of distance. You can go online and shop or browse any time of day or night. There are no pushy salespeople, nor pressure to buy something after you spend hours browsing through the products. Also, since there are so many companies selling similar products the competition in terms of pricing and quality is more, which translates into a win-win situation for the customer.
Posted by Connie at 12:55 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Amount of Precious Metals in Olympic Medals Reviewed

I'm excited to see all of the medals, especially the gold medals, that the U.S. is winning in the 2012 London Olympic games! All of these athletes worked so hard to earn these medals and represent their country. While watching them stand on the podium getting their medals, I can't help but wonder about the precious metals these medals actually have. Both the gold and bronze medals barely contain their namesake metals. Here's the breakdown of what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requires for each medal:

  • Gold Medal: Must be silver gilt with at least 92.5% silver and have at least 6g of pure gold. This year's gold medal has around 93% silver, 6% copper, and 1% pure gold. The amount of gold in the medal is valued at roughly $340 today.

  • Silver Medal: Must have a similar grade silver as the first place medal. This year's medal has around 92% silver and 8% copper, which is similar to sterling silver grade jewelry which has 92.5% silver mixed with other alloys.

  • Bronze Medal: Can be left to the organizing committee. This year's medal contains around 97% copper, 3% zinc, and 0.5% tin.

Not all Olympic medals were made with these requirements.  Solid gold medals, weighing 24g, were last given to first place winners in the 1912 Stockholm games.  However, the cost per troy ounce was just under $19, which makes the cost of gold in those medals to be around $14.63, during that time.  This year's London Olympic medals cost around $700 to make.

Does this lack of precious metals mean that the gold medal is worth much less than what they represent? My cousin and I debated this issue. He thinks that it's dishonorable to give first place winners medals that only have 1% of gold because athletes that dedicate much of their lives to excelling in their sports should get a medal with even more, as if it's made with 10K or 14K gold (58.3% pure gold). While I do believe that they deserve the very best, these Olympic medals still behold an incredible amount of honor and value and symbolize the epitome of the world's best athletes. Also, with the price of gold and the cost to host the Games so high, it makes sense to make the medals this way. The Olympic emblem, intricate artistic designs, and high degree of craftsmanship immensely add to the value of the medals. No one else can earn these medals, and the general public understands their worth.

Most importantly, the smiles that spread across each athletes face when they win a gold, silver, and/or bronze medal show how much these medals mean regardless if they have a lot of precious medals. Look how much the U.S. Gymnastics team fought to get Aly Raisman a bronze medal in the individual balance beam event yesterday. Her face lit up after the team coordinators' official review fell in her favor. Or remember how hard Michael Phelps fought to earn the most Olympic medals, 22 total, in the entire history of the games. The winners are proud to win these awards regardless of what they are made of, and we will still commemorate and regard them as an invaluable award.

Posted by Dave at 11:29 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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