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Jewelry Blog: Gemstones
Good Luck Charms - What Makes Them Lucky

This Saint Patrick's Day, get the luck of the Irish no matter who you are with time honored good luck charms. From traditional four leaf clovers to lucky horseshoes, popular tokens of good luck make a great jewelry choice for good karma in the new year. Lucky charm jewelry gets its roots in superstitious and religious imagery that people have respected for years, and may even bring you excellent fortune.

Good luck charms come in many different forms, not just the four-leaf clover.  Italian horns, horseshoes, ladybugs, and elephants are also popular symbols that are believed to bring about great fortune, but how did these beliefs come about?

Four Leaf Clover

The rare four-leaf clover, also known as a shamrock, is a natural variation of the common three leaf clover and has been prized for bringing good luck for centuries. The tradition comes from an old Irish rhyme that labels each leaf for the following positive attributes: 1) faith, 2) hope, 3) love, and 4) luck. Shamrocks are a common motif in clothing and jewelry, which make a fun, whimsical, and flirty statement.


Italian Horn Pendant

The delicate and stylish shape of the Italian horn pendant is a popular jewelry choice. This traditional lucky charm has been used for centuries to ward off the negative effects of the evil eye and help keep the wearer safe from harmful intentions. The horn is also a sacred symbol of the moon goddess and brings protection.



Traditionally made from iron, horseshoes are some of the most important transportation technology invented before the automobile. Their iron construction is part of what makes them a popular good luck token since in folklore, iron is believed to ward away evil spirits. The simplicity of the horseshoe design makes them easy to wear as lucky jewelry.



As bright little beetles, ladybugs greatly benefit farmers, which gives them their lucky status.  These insects eat other pests that harm farmland without injuring the plants, so while some cultures consider them auspicious, they also believe that squashing ladybugs can bring ill fortune. Their stunning bright red color and cheerful look makes them a cute and quirky spring jewelry choice.



In Feng Shui, Hinduism, and other beliefs around the world, elephants are considered a symbol of strength, protection, and good luck - more specifically with the trunk up.  On the other hand, elephants with their trunks down are considered bad luck.  The reasons of why they became symbols of luck varies.  One of them stems from the Hindu elephant-headed god, Ganesha, honored as the god of luck.  Furthermore, the trunk up may stem from the US belief that a horseshoe faced upwardly keeps the luck from running out. These proud and protective animals make a bold and powerful fashion statement and bring good fortune and courage to the wearer.

As mentioned in our previous blog on what jewelry to wear during the Year of the Ram 2015, wearing a gold elephant pendant would be auspicious this year.

Click here to see our collection of good luck charms in gold and silver. From horseshoes to Italian horns, these pendants may just be the spark you want to add luck in your life.


Posted by Connie at 6:42 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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