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Jewelry Blog: Diamonds
Why A Diamond's Cut Is Crucial To Its Quality
Half Of A Diamond's Worth Is Based On Its Cut

Although all of the '4 C's -- carats, clarity, color and cut -- are important when choosing a quality diamond, cut is considered the most crucial characteristic.

Without a good cut, a diamond will not be as brilliant and sparkle as much as it could. This is why half the worth of a diamond is based on its cut.

The less symmetrically proportioned a diamond is, the less fire and brilliance it will have no matter what shape it is cut into. The jeweler chooses the shape such as round, marquise, heart, pear, emerald, princess, radiant or oval based on how well the light will be refracted in the cut diamond. Placement of the facets is very important to allow for the brightest shine. Most diamonds are cut to have 58 facets.

These 7 Main Considerations Of A Diamond's Cut Determine Its Brilliance:

  1. Table Percent -- the measurement of the flat topped, biggest facet of the diamond

  2. Crown Angle -- the angled upper part of a diamond that connects the table and the girdle

  3. Girdle -- the part of the diamond that attaches to the setting and forms the diamond's perimeter, connects the crown and the pavillion

  4. Pavillion Percent -- the angled lower part of a diamond that connects the girdle and the cutlet

  5. Cutlet Size -- the faceted tip of the diamond, has to be the correct size to avoid chipping

  6. Symmetry -- refers to how well the facets are created and connected geometrically, if the facets are not well-aligned, the light can not refract well and the, diamond will not be as brilliant as it could be

  7. Polish -- refers to how smooth the diamond's facets are on the surface, if the facets are not smooth, the stone may look dark or blurry rather than clear and sparkly

The diamond must not be too shallowly cut or the light will not be refracted to its optimum level as some of the light will be directed to the base of the stone. If the diamond is cut too deeply, the light will also be redirected, but through the sides of the gem. A diamond that is cut too shallowly or deeply might even look dull. The cut that allows for the maximum light refraction and brilliance in a diamond is called a "fine cut" or "ideal cut."

The cut measurements of a diamond must be mathematically precise for maximum brilliance as the geometric proportions form a prism. The cuts are angled to refract the maximum amount of light to allow for the full color spectrum of the prism to be present. The color spectrum refraction adds to the "fire" of a diamond.

A Diamond's Cut Also Relates To Its Durability

The cutlet, or bottom tip of the diamond, has to be cut to the right size in order to deter chipping. The girdle is the part of the diamond that is attached to the setting and if the girdle is cut too thin, the diamond may chip or may not set properly. Diamonds should also be cut so that any feathery cracks are below the surface of the diamond. If these cracks are on the top of the diamond, the diamond will not be as durable as it could break more easily.
Posted by Sheri L at 5:49 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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