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Jewelry Blog: Jewelry Tips
How to Build a Quality Jewelry Collection?
Costume jewelry can certainly have its place, especially when the budget is tight. But, eventually we may find ourselves wanting at least some pieces of quality jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and/or genuine gemstones. Few of us can afford to buy an entire wardrobe of quality jewelry all at once, but most of us can plan for and build a quality jewelry wardrobe gradually over time.

Four Easy Pieces

diamond studsA good place to start, in building your quality jewelry wardrobe, is with four pieces that co-ordinate well together. It may be a bit "much" to wear all of the pieces at once, of course, but you want to be able to choose different combinations of say, two pieces, that will work well together to accessorize your clothing.

Four starting pieces that tend to work well are a pair of earrings,
a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring . Take special care and effort to find your first quality piece of jewelry as it will set the tone for the pieces to follow. Once you find one quality piece of jewelry that you absolutely love, coordinating the other pieces with it becomes easy.

Buy Only What You Love

As your goal is quality over quantity, buy only the pieces of quality jewelry that you really love and leave those pieces that you merely like aside. You can "fill in" with less expensive costume jewelry until your quality jewelry wardrobe is complete. The idea is to have enduring pieces of jewelry that are your signature pieces, so rushing to buy them even when your budget allows it is not a good idea.

If you seem to be having trouble deciding where to start in finding your perfect pieces of quality jewelry, consider your birthstone, but don't feel obligated to choose jewelry just because it contains your birthstone. Looking through magazines, jewelry catalogs and jewelry websites is a good way to discover your taste in quality jewelry. Take note of the pieces that you really feel strongly about. Try to figure out what it is about the particular piece that you love.

Shapes, Styles and Sizes that Work

While finding the pieces of jewelry you really love should be your first consideration in building your quality jewelry wardrobe, yougold three stone diamond ring also need to find pieces that work with your clothing wardrobe. Chances are that if you really love the jewelry, its shape and style will also work with your favorite pieces of clothing, but you should think about details such as the chain length of a necklace and the size of the pendant so that your signature necklace will suit the outfits you want to wear it with the most.

Once you have four quality pieces of jewelry, you can keep adding gradually to your collection. The types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are nearly endless and you can collect pieces you love for different occasions. For example, you may want small or medium hoop earrings and studs for work and larger hoops
or glamorous chandelier earrings for weekends. Jingling gold bangle bracelets or a charm bracelet may be great for some occasions, while a classic silver cuff or a diamond tennis bracelet may be your dream look for other occasions.
Posted by Sheri L at 11:43 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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