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Jewelry Blog: Gold
14k Men's Gold Chain Jewelry
Keywords: 14k Men's Gold Chains, for men
You will find men from all walks of life sporting gold accessories nowadays. A symbol of status, power, and, yes, fashion, men’s gold chains, rings, and bracelets are quite the trend du jour. Although you will find gold accessories in different purity levels of gold karat weight, such as 14k, 18k, and 24k as well as gold plated ones, 14k men’s gold chains are quite the popular option. Let’s take a look at why 14 karat gold jewelry makes a sensible choice, especially for men’s jewelry.

14k gold chain

The karat of gold is essentially a measure of its purity with 24 karat or 24k being the purest, i.e.  a 100% gold. However, 24k gold jewelry is not very popular in most Western countries like ours because the pure form of gold is extremely malleable and soft and, therefore, gets damaged easily. So in order to make it stronger, jewelers mix alloys, such as copper, nickel, zinc, and silver, with gold, and the proportion of these metals then determines the purity and karat count. Therefore, 14k gold would have 14 karats of alloy mixed in proportion with pure gold.

14 karat gold like other lower karat weights is far more durable than pure gold. One of the main reasons why 14k gold is such a popular material choice for chains is that although the purity is lower, it still retains that beautiful color but has far more strength. It is ideal for men’s jewelry that usually goes through plenty of wear and tear. It also requires a little less care when it comes to maintenance and scratch resistance. Another huge factor that should have you considering 14k gold jewelry is that despite the fact that it looks like a 24k gold piece, it comes at a far more wallet-friendly price tag! While 18k gold is still often the go-to choice when it comes to more special jewelry such as an engagement ring or wedding band, a 14k gold jewelry item assures a happy compromise of looks and value for a more everyday use item like a chain or a fashion ring.

Of course there’s plenty of variety in 14k men’s gold chains available nowadays -- from simpler yellow and white gold creations to pave chains as well as necklaces made with a mix of yellow and white gold. Since the innate elegance of gold is tough to beat, whatever karat jewelry you purchase will always look smashing. And if you choose to purchase your gold chain from a vendor that offers quality as well as great prices, you could always pick up an additional 14k gold item like a ring or bracelet to match!
Posted by Connie at 3:50 AM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
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