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Elliot Skye Collection

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Micro Pave CZ Jewelry

The Elliot Skye Collection features the finest silver micro pave CZ jewelry. Perfect for the woman going out-on-the-town, stand out from the crowd with these eye-catching earrings, rings, and necklaces that sparkle from the flames at a candle-lit dinner, ballroom lights at an extravagant gala, or colorful spotlights at club. Feel chic, feel sexy with Elliott Skye jewelry from GoldenMine.

What is Micro Pave?

Most people become more familiar with terms, pave or micro pave, as a type of diamond setting used in engagement rings and wedding bands. However, these stone settings are used in other gemstone jewelry. First, let's describe "pave." The term derives from a French word, pave [pronounced pah-vay], meaning a street that is paved. Pave settings are gemstones, such as cubic zirconias (CZs), placed next to each other in a leveled row as if it is a "paved street." Micro pave setting is similar to a pave setting but includes very small, micro-size gemstones that are very closely set next to each other with very little metal showing in-between each stone. This type of setting creates an elegant brilliance and spectacular sparkle that highlights the gemstones in each jewelry piece.

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