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Jewelry Blog: All Blogs
What Jewelry to Wear During Chinese New Year 2015

Today is Chinese New Year 2015, Year of the Ram or, more specifically, Wooden Sheep.  While mainly celebrated by those from the Chinese culture, anyone can derive some influences into our accessories whether or not you celebrate this holiday. 

Eastern astrology influences Chinese New Year practices, which involves many aspects to increase prosperity, vitality, and health. Hence, choosing a stunning piece of jewelry to wear for the New Year can do more than just complement your outfits. The Chinese zodiac even has suggestions about your choice of jewelry to help make this year more prosperous. As mentioned previously, 2015 is the Year of the Wooden Sheep, so silver or gold jewelry choices with gemstones, colors, and materials that reflect wood elements and its natural earth and water influences make great symbolic picks to increase your luck.

How can you bring those influences into your wardrobe?  With the foremost focus on the element of wood in the coming year, all shades of green and brown are the best jewelry colors to wear in 2015. Gemstones and natural crystals in bright verdant greens or rich earth tones put you in tune with this year's element and bring lucky vibes your way. Because the element of water is also associated with wood, shades of blue- and black-colored jewelry also make excellent choices to incorporate into your wardrobe this year.

Green Gemstones:
Peridot Jewelry
Green Amethyst Jewelry
Green Amethyst
Emerald Jewelry
Tsavorite / Green Garnet Jewelry
Tsavorite / Green Garnet


Brown Jewelry:
Brown Pearl Jewelry
Yellow Gold Jewelry
Yellow Gold Jewelry
Wood-Design Jewelry
Brown Diamond Studs


Blue and Black Stones:
Sapphire Jewelry
Blue Sapphire Jewelry
Yellow Gold Jewelry
Blue Topaz
Aquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine Jewelry
Ceramic Jewelry
Brown Diamond Studs
Black Rings
Onyx Jewelry


If you're looking to increase your luck and vitality this year or want to keep up with the trends of 2015, wear the colors that represent the Chinese Year of the Wooden Sheep. You can achieve that look by accessorizing yourself with fashionable jewelry including yellow gold, brown, green, blue, and black shades of color.

What traditions will you follow during the Chinese New Year 2015? Let us know in our Facebook page here.

Posted by Connie at 2:04 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Embrace Marsala, Pantone's Color of the Year 2015, With Jewelry

It's a new year and now a new color trend from Pantone -- Marsala!  Named Color of the Year for 2015 by the Pantone Color Institute, the New Jersey-based company modeled this hue after the historic Sicilian wine.  As the authority on color and matching and defining color for the print, cosmetic, design, and other manufacturing industries, this company also sets the color trends for these industries to follow.  From couture wear to yarn colors, you will see more and more products made with Marsala's rich hues throughout the year.  Incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe and learn what jewelry complements this full-bodied color.

Why Marsala?

Last year, Radiant Orchid was the color of the year, reflecting a time that evoked imagination, expression, and invigorating warmth.  As we moved into 2015, this year is a time for enrichment, hearty nourishment, and alluring warmth.  Pantone 18-1438 beautifully captures these elements that fulfill our souls and embraces others  in a singular hue and promises to be a perfect foil for 2015's latest color choices. Marsala is a highly individualistic and complementary color for any use or appearance that imbues fashion, soft goods, home products, and makeup with both warmth and sophistication.

More on about Marsala: Vintners in Marsala, Sicily developed the fortified Marsala wine centuries ago. By adding additional alcohol to the wines, Marsala ensured that sailors would have safer drinking water to last on long voyages. Pantone's Marsala color refers to the ruby variety, the Rubino, a rich, red variety that many chefs prize.

Regarding Jewelry

Using Marsala as a backdrop, jewelry, particularly metals such as gold, silver, and copper, emit more intense lusters, and depending on your choice of accessorizes can emphasize certain aspects of this color. 

  • Intensity and Seduction: Accessorize with yellow gold jewelry, especially 18K gold, and/or bright red accessories.  The yellow and red hues, warmth, and brightness increase the strong, warm elements of Marsala.  However, minimally accessorize with these accent colors, or your wardrobe can be too strong and rather create a repelling effect instead.

    yellow gold jewelry

  • Elegance and Style: Complement Marsala's warmth and nourishing qualities with cool-toned metal jewelry, such as white gold and sterling silver, and bright blue, green, and purple gemstones, such as blue topaz, peridot, and tanzanite.  These colors create a balanced harmony that evokes style and grace.

    silver jewelry blue topaz jewelry

  • Refinement and Earthiness: Exude a grounded sophistication by pairing Marsala with brown, olive, cream, and other subdued warm tones.  These hues bring out the earthiness of the Color of the Year 2015.

    brown, green, earthy jewelry brown jewelry


For 2015, find ways to enrich your soul and savor what this year has to offer with the color, Marsala, in mind. You’ll see many types of clothing, upholstery, and household goods integrating this color in 2015. Enjoy using a new color in your own fashion style by accentuating the different elements of Marsala with yellow gold, white gold, and colored gemstone jewelry.


GET $15 OFF*

when you spend $100 or more with promo code, COLR2015, from January 15 - 19, 2015.


* Only 1 promotional code can be used per order per customer. Promotional code valid for one-time use and cannot be applied to prior orders nor combined with any other promotional codes or offers. Promotional code must be entered at checkout during online order transactions or said over the phone during time of purchase. Discount taken during checkout. Promo code, COLR2015, ends on January 19, 2015 at 11:59pm PST and applies to orders of $100 or more.

Posted by Connie at 3:45 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Jewelry That Embodies the Spirit of Autumn

It's that time of the year again! Leaves are changing, and temperatures are dropping. Now that autumn is in full swing, many people are making adjustments to their wardrobe. While it's important to make sure your clothes are warm and cozy, it's also time to put your summer jewelry away, and start bringing out accessories that fit into the mood of fall!Jewelry in the Spirit of Fall | GoldenMine

When most people think of autumn, certain things come to mind -- Halloween, the forest, and changing leaves. Why not wear jewelry that have these seasonal elements, such as black, wooden, and tri-color gold jewelry?  These bold choices reflect the beauty of autumn.


As days become darker and Halloween, usually depicted in black and orange, lingering in the air, the color black greatly depicts this season.  Black has a mystical and powerful way of drawing people in, and black jewelry makes a bold, chic fashion statement.  Jewelry accessories made with black metal naturally or manufactured, such as ceramic, tungsten, titanium, steel, and even gold, stand out the most in an attractive way.  You can also wear dazzling black gemstones, such as black diamonds and onyx, that complement autumn.

Browse Black Jewelry >>

Tri-Color Gold

Besides black, many people associate fall with a myriad of rich, warm colors as the leaves change from green to golden yellows, reds, and browns. The combination of yellow, rose, and white gold in tri-color gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry beautifully reflects the ever-changing rich, warm colors of fall in an elegant and mesmerizing way.

Browse Tri-Color Gold Jewelry >>


Earthy elements become associated with autumn as the leaves fall, making wood more apparent.  Jewelry with wood or wooden-like elements is a modern, fashionable trend that harmonizes with the spirit of this season. A beautiful, simple ring with a wooden inlay design or bracelet made of polished wood can be a subtle but charming look this season. Not only is wooden jewelry chic, it is reminiscent of autumn - the fallen leaves and beautiful forests. Try a subtle piece of wooden jewelry this fall.

Browse Wood Jewelry >>

This season marks a beautiful and colorful time of the year.  You can get into the spirit of autumn with jewelry that corresponds to its elements. Now is the time to accessorize yourself with captivating black, tri-color gold, and wood rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.


Posted by Connie at 4:42 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Pin to Win Contest - Show Us Your Favorite Jewelry

As summer welcomes fall this month, we’re celebrating this event by introducing our Pin to Win contest!  We know you love jewelry at a great value, and if you enjoy pinning, this offer is for you! We are offering you a chance to win a $50-off coupon at GoldenMine just for pinning your favorite jewelry items, such as gold chains and hoop earrings. Simple, right? If you do not have a Pinterest board set up yet, now is the perfect time to create one! Show us your your favorite jewelry and unique style for a chance to win this fantastic prize.

Pin to Win Contest Flyer

Here's how it works:

  1. Browse our site,, and click on one of our jewelry accessories. 
  2. Click on the Pin to Win banner on the left to sign up.
  3. Follow GoldenMine in Pinterest. 
  4. Start pinning.

This Pin to Win contest ends on September 30, 2014. One winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email regarding the prize coupon. The more you pin, the more chances you have to win. Happy pinning and good luck!


Posted by Dave at 5:11 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
You Gotta Have These Chains

Chain necklaces continue to be the staple in men's jewelry. They can make any guy from looking drab and boring to cool, stylish, and elite. Just like these chains below. Here are this summer's top men's chains that you gotta have!

Men’s 14K White Gold Concave Curb Chain 7mm >
Curb chains are one of our most popular style of men's necklaces. With sleek, polished lines, this 7mm white gold chain definitely stands out and makes a fine fashion statement. This price offers an outstanding value for the man who wants to splurge at the best price. Men’s 14K White Gold Concave Curb Chain 7mm
14K Yellow Gold Concave Curb Chain 4mm >
Here's another type of curb chain with pave etchings in the center, creating hint of shimmer under the light. Even at 3mm, you can still get noticed with this 14K yellow gold chain. 14K Yellow Gold Concave Curb Chain 4mm
4mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace >
The beauty of a diamond-cut rope chain is that it looks fabulous from casual to sophisticated attire, and this one makes no exceptions. This particular gold chain is one of our top-selling necklaces for both men and women. 4mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace
4mm Milano 14K Two Tone Gold Rope Chain >
For a more elegant chain, choose this Milano style rope necklace. Open links attached along a gold cord adds a fine twist to the classic design. This particular chain's craftsmanship and intricate two tone details are absolutely stunning and eye-catching for both day and night. Definitely a must-have jewelry item for men to own. 4mm Milano 14K Two Tone Gold Rope Chain


Which one is your #gottahavechains?

PLUS SAVE UP TO $100 on these or any other chain necklaces with orders over $300 with promo code, SMRCHAIN, now through Labor Day, September 1. Terms & conditions apply.


Posted by Dave at 9:50 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Camo Wedding Rings Just Arrived!

You've found the one you want to be with. They're everything you imagined and more. You're going to marry the love of your life and you want everything to be absolutely perfect. You wouldn't necessarily call yourself "traditional" when it comes to wedding bands, though. You want a style that reflects who you to the core: bold, wild, and free. Camo wedding rings are just what you need!

titanium camo wedding ringFeaturing a variety of camouflage-inlay designs, these camo rings express men and women's interest in the military, outdoors, and/or rugged style. When it comes to a lifetime commitment, you want to say what you're feeling with the picture-perfect wedding band. That's why we offer stylish, alternative wedding bands that are sure to get you noticed. Made with contemporary metals such as tungsten and ceramic, now you can have exactly what you're looking for at affordable prices.

Our 8mm Titanium Desert Fox Camo Wedding Rings are made with durable and strong titanium. We've got an 8mm Titanium Hunter Green Camo Wedding Ring that's going to look great with your entire wardrobe. Our 8mm Black Ceramic Forest Foliage Camo Wedding Rings are just what you need if you're pulled to a more natural look. The fresh foliage on the black band is incredibly distinctive.

black ceramic camo ringWith the 8mm Black Ceramic Commando Camo Wedding Ring, you can have a contemporary ring that's sure to catch everyone's attention. Our 8mm Tungsten Military Green Inlay Camo Wedding Ring with a nicely polished finish has a stylish inlay design ornamented with military green camouflage. We also have a 8mm Black Ceramic Army Green Inlay Camo Wedding Ring with a modern black finish.

Affordable, modern, and stylish, your loved one will be thrilled to receive one of our unique wedding bands. When you buy one of these beautiful wedding bands, you'll also receive a leatherette ring box for free. We also offer laser engraving to add a personal touch to these wedding bands.

Stand out and get noticed in jewelry that's as proud and perfect as the love you share. Get our camouflage wedding bands now and be prepared to show off this special piece to your family and friends for years to come.

Browse our new camo rings here and see why these rings are becoming more and more popular with men and women.

Posted by Connie at 4:00 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Top 5 Summer Jewelry 2014


If there’s anything that says summer is here, it’s fantastic jewelry! With places to go and people to see, this season is turning up the heat in the accessory department. Check out these top five jewelry trends that are sure to make you sizzle this summer.

#1 : Fly free with tassels
14K White Gold Open Cut Circle Tipped Tassel Earrings 65mm

Tassel earrings are everywhere. From runways at Oscar de la Renta to Mitus Design, they can make both casual outfits and evening gowns stunning. Colorful beaded tassel earrings make any outfit pop with a splash of pretty hues. Gold and shiny metal tassel earrings give off a gorgeous look against sun-kissed skin. Your tan will look even more radiant when you wear these carefree yet chic accessories.

Browse Tassel Earrings ››

#2 : All things tribal
8mm Tribal Design Cobalt Free Carbide Tungsten Ring

When the temperatures begin to soar through the roof, you want your outfit to be just as hot as the summer days. Make a statement with your jewelry choices and choose to go tribal this year. Whether it’s with gold bangles with intricate designs, or braided and beaded necklaces, throw a little pizazz into your outfit with this eccentric accent. It’s a great finishing piece to any jeans and T-shirt combo. You can never go wrong with turquoise, gold, and silver.

Browse Tribal Rings ››

#3 : Bold geometric shapes
Black Ceramic Drop Earrings with Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel 60mm

Minimalist jewelry is simple and chic, and this year it’s in more than ever. Make an impression with geometric jewelry this summer. Simple square rings show off pretty pastel-manicured nails. Triangle earrings make a short haircut even more stylish. Colorful patterns and classic colors both make this trend sensational for long summer days.

Browse Geometric Jewelry ››

#4 : Classic gold and silver hoops
faceted gold hoops

Is there anything more classic than a pair of hoop earrings? These summer staples can go with practically any outfit you wear. Pair them with an adorable sundress and sandals. Dress up a lightweight pastel blazer with these sophisticated and fun earrings. Whether you're strolling down the street or walking on the beach, classic gold and silver hoops can transition your outfit well into the afternoon and the night hours.

Browse Hoop Earrings ››

#5 : Leather necklaces that add depth

Want to add some dimension to your look? Look no further than leather necklaces. Big fashion labels like Fendi and Roberto Cavalli were proud to show off this accessory for the year's stylish item. These necklaces with stones and gems are certain to standout when worn with long colorful maxi dresses in jewel tones. Leather necklaces with beaded details look great when paired with gold chain necklaces. Layer a variety of them around your neck to complete your perfect summer look this season.

Note: We are looking into adding these necklaces soon.

Whatever your taste, you can make any of these standout accessories your own and complete your summer look well. Get ready to slather on the sunscreen and show off your gorgeous glam appearance at celebratory cookouts, fun festivals, and intimate gatherings.


Posted by Connie at 5:19 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Our Top 10 Fantastic Father's Day Gifts


With Father's Day coming around the corner, we understand that this is a perfect time to show dad your appreciation with a special gift. We selected the top 10 jewelry gifts for dad that will make him feel golden.

1) 14K Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain 4mm
14K Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain 4mm

One of our most popular gold chains. Choose this necklace for the dad who loves to wear chains.

See More ››

2) Contemporary Stainless Steel Dad Tie Bar
Contemporary Stainless Steel Dad Tie Bar

Personalized jewelry adds a special touch, especially when it says, "Dad." This engraved tie bar helps remind fathers of the devotion they have to his family.

See More ››

3) 14K White Gold Figaro Chain Necklace 5mm
14K White Gold Figaro Chain Necklace 5mm

Another popular style of men's chains. This white gold necklace makes a fine choice as a Father's Day gift.

See More ››

4) 11mm Men's Polished Link Titanium Bracelet
11mm Men's Polished Link Titanium Bracelet

For the dad that has an edgier sense of style, this titanium bracelet is an excellent choice. Not only does it have a rockin' design, titanium is a highly durable metal.

See More ››

5) Rhodium Sterling Silver CZ Flying Eagle Pendant
Rhodium Sterling Silver CZ Flying Eagle Pendant

Eagles symbolize power, leadership, and training, teaching the young to soar to new heights and catching them with their wings if they fall. With this meaning, dads would appreciate this silver eagle pendant.

See More ››

6) 6.5mm Sterling Silver Mariner Chain
6.5mm Sterling Silver Mariner Chain

Masculine with a nautical design, this mariner link necklace is a stunning gift choice to give to fathers. Can be worn alone or with a large pendant.

See More ››

7) Gold-Plated Diamond Accent Tie Bar
Gold-Plated Diamond Accent Tie Bar

Yellow gold is popular this year. Give this designer gold-plated tie bar wtih a sparkling diamond accent to the dad with a trendy fashion sense.

See More ››

8) Stainless Steel Cannon Pendant with Ball Chain Necklace
Stainless Steel Cannon Pendant with Ball Chain Necklace

For the father looking for fun, fashionable jewelry who loves western movies, this necklace with an old cannon pendant makes a wonderful selection.

See More ››

9) Elliot Skye Sterling Silver Black & White Micro Pave CZ Men's Ring
Elliot Skye Sterling Silver Black & White Micro Pave CZ Men's Ring

Treat the dad who has a bold fashion sense with this show-stopping ring. Wth 113 CZs, this men's silver ring will make a dazzling fashion statement.

See More ››

10) 4mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace
4mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace

This gold rope chain makes a fine choice for fathers with a hip style. With a diamond cut finish, this necklace sparkles under sun light, making an impressive statement.

See More ››

Posted by Connie at 3:18 PM - Link to this entry  Share this entry
Top 10 Grad Gifts to Wear at Work

Earning a high school or college degree marks the end of a chapter as well as begins a new chapter in people's lives. That new chapter usually means entering the professional workforce, starting a new career, or preparing for job interviews. To help graduates feel more confident and look their best, we compiled a list of the top 10 jewelry gifts for men and women to help them look their best at the office and interviews.

1) 14K Yellow Gold Round CZ Huggie Earrings 3mm x 14mm

The sparkling cubic zirconia stones add a gorgeous touch to the classic gold hoop earrings. Its small huggie size make a splendid and appropriate fit for work and for women who are new to wearing precious jewelry.

See More ››

2) Stainless Steel Tie Bar with Yellow IP-Plated Diamond Accent
Stainless Steel Tie Bar with Yellow IP-Plated Diamond Accent

Not only do tie bars help keep ties in place, they make fashionable accessories. This tie bar is no exception. With a gleaming metal finish and gold tone flair, the diamond accent adds a simple, understated extravagance, making any man look chic.

See More ››

3) Fancy 4mm Open Link 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet & Lobster Clasp
Stainless Steel Tie Bar with Yellow IP-Plated Diamond Accent

Yellow gold and link bracelets are hot trends this year. This open link bracelet embodies both of those trends. Yet, with an elegant design, this bracelet makes a suitable and trendy choice for new professionals.

See More ››

4) Brushed and Polished Fold-Over Link Titanium Bracelet
Brushed and Polished Fold-Over Link Titanium Bracelet

Men's bracelets are also another hot trend this year, and more and more guys have been wearing bracelets over the past couple of years. With a stellar design, men can dress to impress with this link bracelet that can be worn from day to night. Made with titanium, this item is highly durable yet light.

See More ››

5) 14K Gold-Clad Sterling Silver Knot Earrings
14K Gold-Clad Sterling Silver Knot Earrings

Similar to hoop earrings, studs are also classic pieces of jewelry. These earrings have a beautiful and timeless knot design that is crafted with precious gold and sterling silver. It makes a lovely present for graduates to wear at work.

See More ››

6) Checker Pattern Brushed & Polished Titanium Cuff Links
Checker Pattern Brushed & Polished Titanium Cuff Links

Cuff links make a suit look sharp, and these titanium cuff links are not only durable, they are classy. The dual-finish checkered pattern creates an unpretentious, contemporary look without being too plain for the modern grad to wear.

See More ››

7) Wide Diamond-Shape 14K Yellow Gold Link Necklace
Wide Diamond-Shape 14K Yellow Gold Link Necklace

Similar to link bracelets, statement necklaces are one of this year's fashion trends. This lustruous yellow gold link necklace makes a stunning fashion statement at work, and its light weight makes it comfortable to wear all day long into night.

See More ››

8) Titanium Gold Plated Barrel Design Cuff Links
Titanium Gold Plated Barrel Design Cuff Links

These set of cuff links feature an intriguing, barrel design made out of titanium. The yellow gold overlay adds a simple touch of extravagance and makes for a special gift to give to the stylish new graduate.

See More ››

9) 14K White Gold Diamond Teardrop Necklace
Titanium Gold Plated Barrel Design Cuff Links

The captivating, elegant lines of this teardrop pendant dangling along a luminous white gold chain exquisitely catches the eye. Its modern and sophisticated design fashioned in white gold makes a beloved piece of jewelry to wear at work and special occasions for new graduates.

See More ››

10) Classic Sterling Silver Tie Bar
Titanium Gold Plated Barrel Design Cuff Links

Sleek and classic, this polished tie bar makes an excellent choice for the new graduate and matches any fashion style. Sterling silver makes this men's accessory even more special.

See More ››

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How to Accessorize This Spring's Fashion Trends 2014

With the weather slowly warming up, it may be hard to believe winter is over and spring is here. Despair not, the latest fashion trends will put you in the mood for spring, and we have the jewelry to accessorize this season’s stylish looks!

Chic Minimalism

pearl love knot studsMoving from the lavish flair popular during the past couple of years, the minimalistic look is back in vogue. Make this style pop with stud earrings or hoop earrings. For a more luxurious style, wear a large link necklace, another spring fashion trend. These types of jewelry enhance the elegance of minimalism rather than stand out.

Stud Earrings >

Hoop Earrings >

Chain Necklaces >


Statement Necklaces & Bracelets

statement necklaceWhile last year was all about the statement earrings, this spring, it’s all about the statement necklace and bracelet! Express yourself with thick link chains or cuff bangle bracelets. Or dangle a large, obscure pendant to create your own statement necklace.

Large Silver Chains >

Link Necklaces >

Bangles >

Colors - Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Radiant Orchid, Blue, and Orange

rose gold bangleThis spring loves yellow and rose gold. Last year, we saw yellow gold making a comeback, and it continues to flourish! From chain necklaces to wedding rings, more and more people are choosing this tone over white gold. During the Awards Season, the red carpet was filled with celebrities donning yellow gold jewelry. Rose gold is also gaining in popularity. Especially for those who want unique, artistic accessories, the pinkish hue highlights the creative elements of those fashion pieces.

blue carbon fiber tungsten ringWith radiant orchid as the Pantone color of 2014, this and any color that matches the bright purple color is also in style. Shades of blue and orange beautifully complements the Pantone color, so choose jewelry pieces featuring blue gemstones, such as aquamarine or sapphire, and/or orange tinges. For something colorful, think of these colors to wear.

Yellow Gold Jewelry >

Rose Gold Jewelry >

Sapphire Jewelry >

Blue Jewelry >

Tassels & Fringe

tassel necklaceFringe and tassels are all the rage this season! Since last fall, we see more and more blouses, jackets, and purses accented with fringe or tassels. So, why not wear tassel jewelry? Long strands of gold create a shimmering, moving effect that elegantly catches anyone’s eye as you walk or dance. Accent tassel and fringe clothing with jewelry to match, or add touches of fringe to any attire with these pieces instead.

Tassel Jewelry >


cocktail flower ringSpring always has a remembrance of flowers. This season, you’ll see them embraced in fashion from rose-patterned blouses to big blossom hair accessories to flower stud earrings.

Flower Jewelry >


flower gemstone ringOn the opposite end of minimalism, go all out with your outfits festooned with gems and beads. Complete this look by piling on the jewelry. If you’re shy about wearing a bejeweled top, stack yourself with gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry.

Gemstone Jewelry >

Check out our SPRING SALE! We slashed prices on selected jewelry that complement these trends starting at $19.95, and for sterling silver and gold-clad stud earrings, take an extra 15% OFF* with promo code, SPRSTUDS. This sale ends on March 31, 2014 at 11:59pm.

Celebrate spring with these fashion styles! Have any suggestions or questions on how to accessorize your spring attire, contact us in Facebook or Twitter!

* Only 1 promotional code can be used per order per customer. Promotional code valid for one-time use and cannot be applied to prior orders nor combined with any other promotional codes or offers. Promotional code must be entered at checkout during online order transactions or said over the phone during time of purchase. Discount taken during checkout. Applies to silver and gold-plated stud earrings and excludes gold stud earrings. Promotional code, SPRSTUDS, ends on March 31, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT.

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